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本文摘要:论是对外开放沟通交流還是中国发言精磨大大的一直必须旁征博引,巧舌如簧地为全球展览我国古诗词的魅力。而当这种文言文美句被翻译成英文时,也是别有一番滋味。下边居然我们一起来品位一下吧。志合者,不因山河为近。 【翻译成】Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.【原文】葛洪《抱朴子•博喻》欲木之年长者,必固其显而易见;欲流之远者,必浚其源泉。



【翻译成】Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.【原文】葛洪《抱朴子•博喻》欲木之年长者,必固其显而易见;欲流之远者,必浚其源泉。【翻译成】A tree has to strike a firm root before it can flourish. A river has tohave a fully dredged source before it can flow unceasingly far.【原文】魏征《谏太宗十思疏》山明水清静夜来霜,数树深红色出有淡黄。【翻译成】The water is clear and the mountain is bright, the frost comes in at night.Trees are covered with deep scarlet leaves mixed with yellow that is light.【原文】刘禹锡《秋词二首》天高任鸟飞,海阔凭鱼跃。

【翻译成】The sky is unlimited for birds to fly at ease, as the ocean is boundlessfor fish to leap at will.【原文】阮阅《诗话总龟前集》一花独放不是春,百花争艳春满园。【翻译成】A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in fullblossom bring spring to the garden.【原文】《古今贤文》有朋自远方来,乐不可支。【翻译成】Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?【原文】《论语•习而》闻过则喜,勿施于人。【翻译成】What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.【原文】《论语•卫灵公》为政以德。

【翻译成】…[he] exercises government by means of his virtue.【原文】《论语•清廉》仕而优则学,学而优则仕。【翻译成】The officer, having discharged all his duties, should devote his leisure tolearning. The student, having completed his learning, should apply himself tobe an officer.【原文】《论语•子张》磨刀不误砍柴工,工欲善其事。【翻译成】The mechanic, who wishes to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools.【原文】《论语•卫灵公》三人行,必有我师焉。


【翻译成】When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers.【原文】《论语•述而》知之者比不上好之者,好之者比不上乐之者。【翻译成】They who know the truth are not equal to those who love it, and they wholove it are not equal to those who delight in it..【原文】《论语•雍也》学而不思则罔,思而不学则忧。【翻译成】Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning isperilous.【原文】《论语•清廉》人而无信,不知其可。

【翻译成】I do not know how a man without truthfulness is to get on.【原文】《论语•清廉》君子和而不同。【翻译成】The superior man is affable, but not adulatory.【原文】《论语•子路》孝悌忠信、廉耻、仁者爱人、真诚待人、天人合一、道术自然界、自强不息。【翻译成】Moral injunction of fidelity to one’s parents and brothers and to themonarch and friends, the sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor, theemphasis on benevolence and kindness towards fellow human beings and the beliefthe man should be in harmony with nature, follow nature’s course and theconstantly pursue self—perfection.【原文】习近平在欧洲学院演讲提及穷则思变,内战则思定。

【翻译成】Poverty prompted the call for change and people experiencing turmoilaspired for stability.【原文】《不易•系辞下》天行健,谦谦君子以自强不息。【翻译成】As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantlystrive for self—perfection.【原文】《周易》寇磐恒的,日日新的,又磐恒的。【翻译成】If one can make things better for one day, he should make them better everyday.【原文】《大学》称其山有虎,偏向虎山行。

【翻译成】Get ready to go into the mountain, being fully aware that there may betigers to encounter.【原文】《减广贤文》图无法其不容易,为低于其细。天地难题,必作于易;天下事,何以作于细。

【翻译成】He who wants to accomplish a big and difficult undertaking should startwith easier things first and make sure that all details are attended to.【原文】《道德经》橘生淮南则为橘,出生于淮南则为枳。【翻译成】The tasty orange, grown in southern China, would turn sour once it is grownin the north.【原文】《晏子春秋》志趣相投。【翻译成】People who cherish the same ideals follow the same path.。