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本文摘要:托福真题文艺创作得分范例 It is better to spend money on traveling and vacation than to save money for the future? TCD: 主客体:people【hidden】|money|trvelling and vacation|future 姿势:spend | save 限定版:无明显限定版 結果:better? People能够合拼,依照人,分学员,雇员,老人。 学生旅游好处?


托福真题文艺创作得分范例  It is better to spend money on traveling and vacation than to save money for the future?    TCD:  主客体:people【hidden】|money|trvelling and vacation|future  姿势:spend | save  限定版:无明显限定版  結果:better?  People能够合拼,依照人,分学员,雇员,老人。  学生旅游好处?快速增长胆略,缓解通过自学工作压力 | 赚钱?上补习班|培养喜好|卖一些自身不喜欢的物品  雇员度假旅游?降低压力,加强盆友或亲人中间的友情 | 赚钱?投资|购房|feed the family  老人?消遣|快速增长所见所闻进而获得和子孙后代沟通交流的话题讨论 | 赚钱?下一代股票基金|自身身体健康  分結果:投资|教育金|购房。  末尾段:如今的人薪水低了,有些人针对如何运用这一钱就不容易造成各有不同的建议。

  With prominent increasing of the average income level for most individuals, the mindsets towards how to utilize money vary a lot. Some people suggest spending money on vacations, while other hold an argument for the consideration of saving money for future usage. In my view, the latter thought would be more rational.  让步段:有些人确实把钱拿出来度假旅游挺不错的,能够放宽,由于压力太大。殊不知,如今娱乐方式五花八门,几乎不务必花里许多 的钱就可以超出放宽的目地,反倒是社会发展比较变化多端,将来有很多务必银两的地方。

本质上。  Some people argue to spend money for travelling would help to reduce the daily working pressure for getting relaxed. However, in the current era, there are tons of ways for entertainment by costing less and even no money to get people relaxed and refreshed such as running in a public park with good environment, thus there is no need to spend a considerable amount of money for frequent trips. On the contrary, the world changes rapidly, where there would be chances to use money in the future for every individual. In fact, saving money for future use would be better.   01  行为主体段一:身体健康 报道法  Foremost, everybody would have potential health problems in the future, so there definitely should be the consideration to accumulate certain amount of money for such usage. This is because, objectively, the environment is becoming worse due to the intensive human activity which would affect the health of the public, and subjectively, most people are under high pressure caused by busy working and studying tasks. Recently, a 35 year old man who almost gets his life ended up but saved by the surgery due to his sufficient amount of saved money for decades of years received an interview and responded that, “Thanks to my habit of saving money, the cancer caused me depressed finally got diminished. At first the disease was discovered, I was sent to a local hospital, and after a week time for body checking, the doctors there concluded me that I had only half a year of life. I asked my friend who is a professor in a medical university about my situation, and he replied to me that I shouldn’t feel hopeless because he knew a hospital in New York City has the experience to cure such kind of cancer. The only problem was the fee would be hard to imagine for normal individual. Luckily, ten years ago, I formed a habit to save 30% of my wage to a bank account, in case of any issues requiring money in the future. Now, it was the time for taking it out. Subsequently, I flied to NYC and found the hospital, they were pretty should to save my life. After the money had been transferred, I got myself clam down and waited for the surgery. It was a success and now I am still alive, also the saving money habit.”   02  行为主体段二:投资-》列举法  Also, the money saved could be utilized for future investments to get oneself further developed. For high students, because they don’t have full-time job income, only limited amount of pocket money given by parents could be used. So, if they could put part of the money saved, they could use the account after their graduation for applying the targeted university and pay for the tuition fee. For employees, obviously saving money is more necessary. Since the price of houses is increasing even ridiculously, it is a must of young people to accumulate money for buying a house after several years. Also, there are various chances appear in the society, so it would be available to put money into a promising project as long as employees have sufficient amount of saved money, where they have the opportunity to become bosses and earn money easily.   03  To sum up, saving money for future usages would be more appropriate compared to spending money on travelling only for a relaxation.。